• Payment Industry BI

    Easily spot trends and outliers in a visually attractive dashboard with user capability to select parameters, timeframes, and categories, all with drill-down and drill-through capability, analyzing Transaction Activity, Merchant Operations, Revenue Management, Risk, and Fee Analysis by MID.

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  • Payment Industry BI

    Aperia's ISO BI platform supports decision making with insight and foresight, turning raw data into actionable information

    Instinct and experience are calibrated with data-driven support, enhancing results and the metrics that describe them.

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  • Payment Industry BI

    Actio™ Business Intelligence suite allows user configuration of report formats, data elements, summaries, and functions on-the-fly from user dashboards designed for ease of use.

    Build your own key performance indicators (KPIs) or choose from the library of best practice KPIs included in the user dashboard.

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Payment Industry BI Features


Manage revenue with user-defined KPIs. Manage boarding, attrition, and profitability by merchant or transaction.


User interface designed for intuitive ease of use. Monitor multiple indicators simultaneously with visual alerts and drill-down capability.


Monitor speed of merchant activation, pending volume, time lags from load to review to approval, and lifecycle of tickets. Integrated with CRM module.


Proactively identify which merchants may attrit. Quickly find outliers based on pricing and other factors. Monitor the lag between merchants boarded and merchants activated.

Additional Info

Reports tell you what happened. But analytics shows you where opportunities lie.

Where columnar reports end, analytics begins. Far beyond historic reporting of transactions, Aperia's Business Intelligence for ISOs illuminates actionable insights to help ISOs improve profits. Applying statistical modeling including logistical regression, decision trees, and neural networking, BI for ISOs not only spots outliers, but predicts them as well.

The BI for ISOs platform complements the ISO Reporting Suite with deeper statistical analysis for revenue management, expense and margin management, activation analysis, pricing modeling, and attrition/retention analysis.